Wine Tasting Room

Our tasting room


The tasting room at the Cantine Il Barone is the result of a particular way of conceiving spaces of the winery. Our aim is to make the tasting a moment of pleasure almost a sesorial experience. In our tasting room you can find an exhibition of wines of Il Barone and from other countries.

Andrea Cescon, the owner and winemaker, is Master Sommelier. He loves wines from all over the world. He thinks that you have to taste wines to learn about them. As a producer you should taste and discover all the wines from other cultures and not only promote yours. During his travels Andrea met farmers and producers from Italy, France, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, California and many others. For Andrea the wine is an expression of culture. Every taste is unique, gives sensations that no other wine and no other person can experience.

The wine tasting at Il Barone takes place in a small room features a large wooden table. A simple and comfortable room, created to offer a suggestion through the aromas and flavors of the wines. Here you can taste high quality wines, suitable for different occasions; from aperitiv to meditation. Products are strongly related to the area of ​​origin and they have a “personality” that make value to ​​the territory.

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