Bova is the ancient Latin name of the small area where grow its wines. It comes from careful research of combinations of selected grapes, several clones, previously thinned bunches.

Organoleptic characteristics
Slightly aged in barrels gives rise to a wine with a deep red color with violt hues, sometimes scent envelopung herbaceous. The flavor is warm and full-bodied with a subtle hint woody, long aftertaste with delicate and sweet tannins.
Any deposits (salts) that can be formed on reserve wines are natural and sign of the authenticity product.

Gastronomic matches
Bova goes well with meat from the grill, roasts and game, open and pour on Decanter several hours before serving.

Alcoholic content: 13%
Serving temperature: 18°/20°

Packs of 6 bottles lay of 0,75 lt. Natural cork stopper.

Technical sheet