Barone 50

Barone 50

Organoleptic characteristics

A clayey, rich in history, surrounded by ancient Roman roads and dedicated to viticulture, close to the Venice lagoon and surrounded by woodland hills, this geographic location guarantees ideal temperatures and a high thermal escalation enriching and enhancing the maturation of grapes.

Scrupulous and careful work in the care of vineyards gives the 50 Barone a wine that contains in itself a fruit that grows in its territory and matures caressed by the vintage.

By the end of July grapes are drenched by selecting 2/3 of the bunches per plant, with a yield of 40/43 quintals per hectare.

To make the best of the gifts of a benign nature, you have to be able to wait for the right time and to grasp this fruit with all its complexity.

Harvesting is done at the best time to savor the fruits of a vintage and the manual selection encloses all intrinsic grape intrinsic properties and qualities.After completing the maceration of this wine, it rests in barrels of 225 liters for 15 months enriching the essence of evolved and spicy hints. The aromatic intensity does not seem to be exhausted, expressing all the exaltation of the territory.

The cap is of natural cork and allows wine to have a micro-oxygenation and therefore to be constantly evolving.

This wine is recommended to lovers of the Great Red Wines.

Any deposits (salts) that can be formed on wines of reserves are natural and a sign of the authenticity product.

Gastronimic Maches

You can combined with red meats and game.

Alcoholic content:14%

Serving temperature:17°/19°

Packs of 6 bottles lay of 0,75 lt. Vol.14%.